U!REKA joint activities

The U!REKA network is committed to partnering around the shared themes of applied research, professional education, focus on our students’ future world of work and the professional development of our staff. This page presents our joint activities from 2016 - 2023. We are currently transitioning to activities related to our European University Alliance status and will update this content in the near future.

Our network of higher education institutions has partnered in a number of ways, working to strengthen our ties across Europe and to build upon the urban expertise that we share as knowledge institutions.

We successfully submitted a bid for the European Universities Initiative in 2023 and were selected as one of the newly funded networks! This means that we are now setting to work on transforming our network into one of the ambitious European Universities Alliances, which will take our collaboration to the next level.

The annual U!REKA Connects event is the networking opportunity of the year for our consortium, bringing together key teachers, researchers and administrative staff to discuss and develop new education or research projects and collaborations.

Colleagues within our Mobility Working Group focused on fostering mobility across U!REKA by contributing expertise in creating, maintaining and developing approaches to mobility provision within all partner institutions.

The U!REKA Research Support Working Group focused on setting up and facilitating joint research initiatives and research projects between the U!REKA partners, providing expertise and proposal development support for researchers across the consortium.

In our U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons, which is still ongoing, we have an international and interdisciplinary blended learning and research project that deal with urban commons and focuses on different co-creation initiatives in five partner cities.

Our successful U!REKA Change Agents programme runs across many of our partner institutions, challenging students to work together on joint projects focusing on the topic of water sustainability.

These are but a few of the examples of how U!REKA has worked together across borders.

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Published by  Communication 18 January 2024