Student engagement

Students play an important role in our network and are involved in many projects, from our successful Change Agents programme to U!REKA Debates and more.

This group is focusing on connecting U!REKA colleagues around (incoming) student services, needs and projects and facilitating student participation in the consortium.

In 2022 the U!REKA Change Agents programme kicked off its first edition with some 20 students from 10 different disciplines. The Change Agents from Amsterdam, Helsinki and Frankfurt worked on the question: How can we create more public awareness about the sustainable use of water across different European cities, taking into account socio-cultural, health-and climate-related and economic dimensions?

The 2023 edition of U!REKA Change Agents is underway, keeping the focus on sustinable water usage in Europe and this time expanding the programme to students from Ukraine.

Watch a video made by U!REKA students at HOGENT who invite students across the network to join us!

Published by  Communication 1 August 2023