The Higher Education Research & Development Network

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Please note that this working group is currently inactive. The information here is online as a reference and example of past activities within U!REKA.

The Higher Education Research & Development (HERD) network is a key U!REKA initiative focused on boosting our consortium’s R&D activities related to generic higher education practices: topics and activities that are part of our institutions beyond those specifically related to professional training and instruction.

Established during the second U!REKA conference in Edinburgh in 2017, HERD serves as a gateway for research, educational development and innovation.

Examples of HERD topics include programme-level research, human resources, organisational activities, professional development and identity building of teaching and non-teaching staff, and institutional strategies to connect research and education. Research on these activities can take place across all levels, whether micro, meso or macro.

This portal gives you access to:

  • our U!REKA HERD joint activites (see projects below)

  • your peers from U!REKA institutions so you can forge new projects (view our expertise areas for more information)

  • an overview of HERD coordinators in each country.