Sustainable Human Inclusive Future-proof Transition

Through the Erasmus+ European Universities Initiative, we are taking a major leap in our collaboration, in terms of both quality (a long-term, more structured and strategic collaboration), and quantity (a broader network with larger group of more diverse partners). Starting in 2024, U!REKA SHIFT (Sustainable Human Inclusive Future-proof Transition) will transform the U!REKA alliance into the U!REKA European University. Read a summary of our plans on this page and please consult the full mission statement below for detailed information.


Our vision is to create a profound shift towards climate neutral and eventually climate positive societies, where we educate professionals who are ready and equipped to accelerate this transition. Our universities of applied sciences have a wide and diverse student population located in large European cities. These students will go on to work in diverse sectors of the economy and society, which makes our position crucial to the European journey towards a green and digital transformation.

The new U!REKA SHIFT strategy brings together some 30 partners from across Europe.


The U!REKA SHIFT mission consists of three main objectives, underlying our joint vision:

1. To establish a sustainable inter-university campus, based on a long-term strategy on education, ensuring seamless mobility and with respect for good governance;

2. To become a lighthouse European University for challenge-based and collaborative learning and innovation; and

3. To shape U!REKA future-proof urban professionals who will accelerate the transition towards climate-neutral and smart cities

U!REKA's vision of an inclusive and connected European University campus.

The U!REKA Way Forward

During the four-year EU funding period, we will deepen our collaboration to become more systemic, structured and sustainable, based on our joint vision and mission. We will focus on improvement and tight collaboration in several fields to achieve this: governance, stakeholder and student engagement, the inclusive and connected campus, centres of expertise with knowledge-creating communities and challenge-based collaborative education. The work done during this period and the results and lessons learned stemming from this, will be the solid foundation for our sustainable collaboration as the U!REKA European University for the coming decade and beyond.

Our new organisational structure

Work Package Coordinators & Institutional Coordinators

Work within U!REKA SHIFT is organised in Work Packages. The following universities and coordinators have been appointed:

Work Package (WP)


WP Leader

Institutional Coordinator

WP 1 Metropolia UAS Mona Roman Niina Huovinen
WP 2 Metropolia UAS Mona Roman
WP 3 HOGENT Koen Van Damme Liesbet Cosyn
WP 4 VSB-TUO Michaela Kromerova & Katerina Skotnicova Michaela Kromerova & Tereza Benesova
WP 5 Amsterdam UAS Mark van Wees Patricia van Hemert & Dymphna Snijders Blok
WP 6 Frankfurt UAS Raul Gschrey Dorothea Jecht
WP 7 Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa Ana Raposo Ana Raposo

Please see our contact page to get in touch with U!REKA's Insitutional Coordinators, who lead the overall U!REKA activities at their university.

Our new Work Packages

Published by  Communication 23 January 2024