Introducing: the Communications Working Group

Who is who at U!REKA? Get to know us in this new series.

12 Jul 2021 11:44 | Communication

What do a saxophonist from Gent, a LEGO-Fan from Amsterdam and an amateur baker from Ostrava have in common? You may have guessed it – they are all part of the U!REKA Communications Working Group!

Twice a month we meet on a Tuesday morning to discuss everything concerning communication: How can we improve communication across the network? How can we raise the network’s profile at our partner institutions? Or how can social media help in reaching more students? We are also working on developing new communication tools – like our newsletter, for example.

During these meetings, we do not only get frequent weather and local news updates from all over Europe, but we also get to know each other while working together. And we want to share that with you!

Get to know us

So, who are we? Pol Bracke, for example, is a passionate saxophone player and has published a poetry collection in addition to his job in the communications department at HOGENT.

Thomas Feige, Policy Advisor at Napier University in Edinburgh, also likes to make music in his free time – maybe there is a chance for musical collaboration?

Elenna Garman is an English Editor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and in charge of maintaining our website Also, she is originally from Canada. This way she can provide her communications expertise from a Canadian and a Dutch point of view!

Our Norwegian colleague Thomas Jacobson is a Senior Advisor as OsloMet, has a passion for ice hockey, likes to do astrophotography at night and likes to brew his own beer, too!

Some of you might have already met our next team member: Minna Kaihovirta, Manager of Dialogue at Metropolia UAS, hosted the last U!REKA conference in autumn 2020 in Helsinki. When she is not moderating international events, she enjoys reading and listening to live music in her free time.

Eva Neukirchner, who is concerned with communication in international networks at Frankfurt UAS, loves hiking in the northern Alps, where she grew up, and enjoys photography and photo books.

Our colleague from Portugal, Ana Raposo, works as PR and Corporate Communications Professor at Politécnico de Lisboa. She loves the sun and likes to travel in her spare time.

Dymphna Snijders Blok, U!REKA coordinator and entrepreneur teacher at Amsterdam UAS, sometimes provides us with a great view over Amsterdam from her balcony. She also likes to build Lego with her son and old fashioned country songs.

Last but not least: Our colleague Barbora Urbanovska, who works as an editor at the Technical University of Ostrava, is an avid dog lover and likes to bake in her free time.