U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons

The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons is a joint project of the U!REKA partner universities in Amsterdam, Ghent, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Lisbon. Established in 2019, this international and interdisciplinary blended learning and research project deals with urban commons and focuses on different co-creation initiatives in these cities.

During the different phases of the U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons, students and staff work on common research questions and meet online and during summer schools, as well as in conferences organised by the U!REKA network in order to facilitate an ongoing knowledge exchange over a three-year-period. The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons is financed by the DAAD national co-funding programme and the U!REKA network partner institutions.

Launch of virtual exhibition

The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons Virtual Exhibition officially opened during the U!REKA Conference 2020. This virtual exhibition was produced at four participating partners and focuses on the Urban Commons' educational framework and work created by students. It consists of videos, photos, and written and spoken texts, presenting insights into urban commons initiatives and projects in the participating cities of Amsterdam, Ghent, Frankfurt and Helsinki.

Lecture series

U!REKA is bringing together urban commons experts from higher education institutions across Europe to share their expertise during thematic online lectures. Each session will approach the topic from a different perspective, discipline or organisation. Read more about the lecture series here.

Summer School 2021

In October 2021 the Urban Commons Working Group hosted a 'summer school' in Frankfurt. The Urban Commons School: Commoning the Post-Covid City was a hybrid event, open to all students, staff and partners at U!REKA institutions. Read more here.

Participating U!REKA partners and colleagues

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences AUAS: Sandra Bos, Thijs Haverkamp

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (FUAS): Raul Gschrey, Angelika Pl├╝mmer

Hogeschool Gent (HoGent): Greet De Brauwere, An Lescrauwaet; Tine Vanthuyne

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki: Kaisa Kanerva

Polit├ęcnico de Lisboa (IPL): Diego Bent

VSB - Technical University of Ostrava : Barbara Vojvodikova

Published by  Communication 20 December 2021