European applied universities: comparing synergies between education and research


Connecting research and teaching is regarded as a prerequisite for the education of future professionals. This means that higher education institution need to become hybrid organisations, where teaching and research are connected in such a way that it provides added value for future professionals.

Universities of applied sciences, which have traditionally mainly focused on teaching, are incorporating research into their organisation, and formulating their ambitions with regard to research.

To understand the research ambitions of the six U!REKA universities, this project investigates these ambitions as written in formal university documentation. Each of the U!REKA HERD coordinators has provided a copy of their university’s strategic documents (e.g. strategic agenda, institutional plan).

These documents are subsequently being analysed to discover each university's ambitions for the research, the ambitions for research in education, and the ambitions for research for/with the professional field.

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Published by  Communication 11 June 2019

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Start date 02 Jan 2018