The birth of the U!REKA Student Council

24 Apr 2024 16:02 | Communication

Presenting the U!REKA Student Council.

After more than half a year of getting acquainted, consulting and aligning from a distance, the U!REKA Student Council had its first plenary physical meeting during the International Week at HOGENT (22-25 March 2024).

HOGENT has a strong tradition in student participation and for this reason has a leading role in building a participative student council at the scale of U!REKA European University. Find out more about the importance of U!REKA for students and the role of the U!REKA Student Council via this video .

"The highlight for the Student Council will be the U!REKA Connects Congress in Ostrava. There the student representatives of the partner organisations' student councils will gather to officially launch the U!REKA Student Council," states Singh, who is coordinating the process as a HOGENT-student.

On 16 April, the U!REKA Steering Committee approved the charter and now it is waiting for the approval of the local student councils. “Once this is done, we can really get started," says Singh: "Then we are ready to organise elections for the U!REKA Student Council delegates."