Aftermovie: International Week at HOGENT

3 Apr 2023 00:00 | Communication

The International Week at U!REKA's Belgian partner HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts, which took place from 8-11 March, focused on different aspects of sustainability. Some 130 attendees from 10 different countries gathered in Ghent for the event, which you can relive in the aftermovie.

Sustainability is a very broad concept. The International Week focused on six areas: mobility, water, climate & energy, biodiversity, inclusion and sustainable materials management. These topics were made more specific through lectures and workshops, knowledge sharing sessions, but also through guest lectures embedded in the curricula of various courses.

Throughout the event, most of the speakers were HOGENT-experts. That’s not a coincidence: partly by using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as a guideline in its research centres, HOGENT initiates and is involved in many research projects with sustainable impact. Nevertheless, there were as well contributions of international guest speakers form partner institutions.