How can we shift from climate anxiety to climate action?

Horizon Europe-funded climate neutrality project explores role of higher education in effecting change

7 Feb 2023 16:00 | Communication

U!REKA partners Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are working closely with international partners to translate the European Commission’s ‘New European Bauhaus’ initiative into concrete sustainability actions.

NEB Stewardship Lab Launch

On 7 February, Metropolia UAS hosted an event focusing on the stewardship role of higher education – how can we foster the individual and collective actions crucial to make European cities climate neutral, beautiful and inclusive?

The session focused on the theme: How can education play a role in New European Bauhaus?

‘As Europe and the world are facing existential threats of climate change where social and ecological systems are disrupted - urgent actions are needed. Answering these challenges requires swift and decisive action on multiple levels from local to global. The New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative provides an enabling context for this transition by calling people to imagine and build together a future based on values of sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics.

In this context the new community led NEB Lab project, NEB Stewardship Lab, seeks to enhance and clarify the role of higher education to support the needed societal transition. The project will further co-develop the model of NEB Stewardship , which combines the NEB values to three stewardship dimensions: knowledge, agency and care. This combination draws the attention to capacities needed for effective individual and collective actions pursuing sustainability.’ (quote from Metropolia website)

The Stewardship Lab brings NEB partners together to take the next steps. How can we work together to effect change? What’s the role of universities? How do we equip people - and especialy students - with the skills and competencies needed for climate action?

See more information about the Stewardship Lab on Metropolia’s website.

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