U!REKA Change Agents kicks off first edition

22 Sep 2022 00:00 | Communication

Some 20 students from 10 different disciplines are taking part in the first U!REKA Change Agents programme. On the afternoon of Monday the 19th of September the online kick-off meeting was attended by the “Future Change Agents” and all mentors and staff involved. The Change Agents from Amsterdam, Helsinki and Frankfurt will work on the question: How can we create more public awareness about the sustainable use of water across different European cities, taking into account socio-cultural, health-and climate-related and economic dimensions?

As sustainability issues are often systemic, and require collaboration between individuals and groups across many different sectors, with different perspectives, ideas and interests, we believe that a cross U!REKA program can help develop solutions to the problems faced by modern society. Solutions cannot be found in isolation. Working effectively across contexts, cultures and nations is not only paramount, but the sole route to successfully addressing the challenges we face.

Our Change Agents will work online but there will also be an intensive in person week in Amsterdam from the 10th – 14th of October hosted by the Digital Society School (https://digitalsocietyschool.org/).

Our Change Agents will:

- Work intensively together with a cross-cultural team.

- Design, prototype, build and share their work with other teams and the U!REKA network.

- Engage in peer-to-peer group learning and making activities, in online learning and cross cultural co-creation

- Apply innovative (digital) tools and instruments to provoke curiosity and boost engagement

- Develop 21st century collaboration skills and competencies.

- Make videos / podcasts / prototypes

- Have a transformational experience for life

If this pilot program is successful there will be a second edition starting in February 2023. Do you want to get involved? Let us know and we will get in touch with you.

Contact: Dymphna Snijders Blok

More info can be found at: https://digitalsocietyschool.org/project/ureka-change-agents/