U!REKA Research Workshop Series

9 May 2022 15:22 | Communication

As universities of applied science, all U!REKA member institutions aim to perform research which has an impact on the world around them. As a Network, we understand the importance of international collaboration to solve the challenges our societies face.

U!REKA is currently holding a series of Research Workshops and parallel Discussion Groups to understand how we can strengthen collaboration in key areas relevant to the theme of Urban Quality of Life. This process began with the first workshop on 18th March 2022, which brought together senior leadership working in the area of research and innovation from all U!REKA member institutions to share knowledge and explore opportunities.

Four key areas

This Workshop identified four key areas which will be the focus of parallel Discussion Groups, bringing researchers from the U!REKA universities together to define research questions, assess impact, and identify outcomes. The decisions of the Discussion Groups will be presented at Research Workshop 2, where crosscutting themes will be used to realign the research questions into an interdisciplinary strategy, with a particular focus on how the collaborative research will work towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the U!REKA Research Workshops, you can contact Richard Lancaster at: r.lancaster@napier.ac.uk.