Humans of U!REKA: ‘Stitching Iris’ Bräuning

9 May 2022 00:00 | Communication

Meet Iris Bräuning, the U!REKA coordinator at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

‘I work for the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the International Office. As Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships, I am responsible for supporting the institutional development of strategic objectives for international participation. This means consulting, supporting, finding and preparing funding applications and implementing international collaborative educational projects. Last year I started teaching in our General Studies program. Together with colleagues from Frankfurt and Ghent we designed and now co-teach a transnational course named “We have to talk! Arguments - perspectives - current controversies. U!REKA debates”.

I enjoy working with so many enthusiastic colleagues to bring the U!REKA idea alive. As U!REKA coordinator for my institution, I have the privilege to be involved in many different activities which is always enriching. Exchanging different approaches and opinions is extremely helpful to remaining open-minded and self-critical and flexible in structuring one’s own work.

I love all types of handcrafting and sewing. One of my nicknames therefore is “Stitching Iris”! Due to lack of budget, international guests sometimes receive handmade items and self-designed giveaways!

I live in Wiesbaden, the capital of the federal state of Hesse. One of my favorite trips is a hike through the vineyards. This route also crosses the “Goethe Stein”, a memorial place for the poet Johan Wolfgang von Goethe who also enjoyed the wonderful view and landscape of the Rheingau. If you happen to visit in spring you will also appreciate the cherry blossom all over. A fresh glass of Riesling wine at a picnic place… and you won’t get homesick.’