How to design a COIL project

Workshop series with Eva Haug continues in November

20 Jul 2021 14:23 | Communication

The “U!REKA Introduction to COIL” workshop series on the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) method kicked-off in April 2021 and attracted many interested lecturers from different U!REKA institutions. The workshops led by Eva Haug (U!REKA partner Amsterdam UAS) were held over three weeks, offering inspiring sessions and a wonderful training which was received enthusiastically by participants.

Eva Haug equipped the participants with fundamental knowledge on the benefits of an international learning experience, how to incorporate a COIL course into their modules and how to get started with COIL proposals.

Team up and start a COIL project together

The April kickoff was followed by Meet & Greet sessions organised in June, where U!REKA colleagues from our 8 institutions were given the possibility to pitch their COIL ideas and interests and find corresponding project partners.

While many participants have already found a matching partner to work with, others are still looking for motivated colleagues to start a COIL project with. To find even more COIL project partners, the U!REKA COIL team has put together a list of all the submitted project proposals on different topics. If you are interested in starting a COIL project and are looking for a partner to collaborate with, we kindly invite you to contact one of the organisers and they will gladly share the existing proposals with you!

How to continue with COIL

For everyone that was able to find a COIL project partner, Eva Haug will host the follow-up workshop series “U!REKA COIL Design” in November 2021. The dates and times for the training are:

  • Wed 3 November at 11-13 CET (10-12 Lisbon time, 12-14 Helsinki time)
  • Wed 10 November at 11-13 CET (10-12 Lisbon time, 12-14 Helsinki time)
  • Wed 17 November at 11-13 CET (10-12 Lisbon time, 12-14 Helsinki time)

Once you have teamed up with your COIL partner, please don’t hesitate to contact the U!REKA COIL team to register for, and learn more about, the November trainings.

U!REKA COIL team institutional contacts:

Amsterdam UAS: Eva Haug

Metropolia UAS: Tiina Pipponen

HOGENT: Fabienne Mornie

Frankfurt UAS: Eva Neukirchner