U!REKA Conference 2020 abstracts available in VIIMA

10 Dec 2020 11:19 | Communication

The U!REKA Conference 2020 collaboration proposal abstracts and abstracts of the good practices in e-teaching and e-learning are available to consortium partners on the VIIMA innovation and ideation platform.

Please note that the license of the platform ends on 31.12.2020. However, you will still be able to access the conversations and idea abstracts in VIIMA after that date.

Link to VIIMA: https://app.viima.com/metropolia/

Register for VIIMA

You can register as a user in VIIMA by:

  • using an Office365 account (in case your institution uses O365 email accounts)
  • or by clicking “login with a VIIMA account” on the website to create a new user account

View the U!REKA Conference 2020 summary for more information on our annual event, which was held on 16-17 November 2020.