Join the urban commons workshop: 23 September

15 Sep 2020 00:00 | Communication

U!REKA partner Metropolia University of Applied Sciences invites you to join the conversation on how urban commons can play a role in reimagining the cities of the future.

Urban Commons is a key theme in the U!REKA consortium. Partners are working together across borders via the U!REKA Lab, which involves locals (also known as ‘commoners’) in the process of building knowledge about how community co-creation could reap benefits across a range of areas, from social life and culture, to mobility, elderly care, climate change and housing.

Helsinki-based U!REKA partner Metropolia UAS is hosting an online event called Future Arena on 23 September which includes two interactive workshops in English: Urban Commons - U!REKA Lab and Social Sustainability in Cities. The U!REKA workshop takes place from 13:00 – 13:45 local time.

Future Arena is an initiative of Metropolia’s Innovation Hubs, which provide interdisciplinary collaboration platforms for projects that have a significant positive impact on society. It specifically focuses on finding solutions to societal challenges, such as sustainability and digitalisation, via phenomenon-based learning and co-creation.

This free event is open to all U!REKA students and staff as well as R&D stakeholders, private and public sector parties and anyone else who is interested in co-creation, innovation and phenomenon-based learning. Feel free to join us on 23 September!

Please note that registration for the workshops is required and closes on Monday 21 September.

Event information: U!REKA workshop

Date: Wednesday 23 September

Time: 13:00 – 13:45 local time Helsinki (EEST)

Platform: Zoom (link provided after registration)

Moderators: Co-hosted by U!REKA colleagues Kaisa Kanerva (Metropolia University of Applied Sciences) and Sandra Bos (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)