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The development of international university consortia

31 Jul 2019 15:20 | Communication

Researchers from U!REKA institutions are working on joint publications in Higher Education Research and Development (HERD).

The U!REKA working group "Higher Education Research & Development" (HERD) was formed to strengthen the research and development activities of the consortium. HERD serves as an interface for research, educational development and innovation.

The HERD network focuses its research activities on Human Resources and organisational activities such as professional development and institutional strategies to connect research and education. Topics include work-based learning, graduate education, teacher development, research competencies in the curriculum, and ERASMUS+ partnerships for staff exchange.

Joint publications

As a result of the HERD workshop during the 2018 annual U!REKA conference in Frankfurt, the working group members decided to work on three joint publications. These papers intend to help boost the visibility of the consortium to a wider community. They aim to systematically compare institutional practices of each member institution through case studies. The underlying main topics will be the importance of research competences at Universities of Applied Sciences and a critical comparative international analysis of the respective institutional contexts.

In the first publication titled "The development of international university consortiums. Context, drivers and ambitions " Barbara Lämmlein, Professor of General Business Administration, and Christoph Rosenbusch, Head of Quality Management - Development - Planning, both Frankfurt UAS, will analyze the meaning of research consortia and networks for university development. The paper explores the future importance of consortia like U!REKA. It shall also consider the extent to which consortia change the contribution of universities to the development of the European economy and the benefits and challenges associated with such consortia in each country.

Two more papers in the pipeline will explore “Institutional mechanisms to steer towards synergy between research & teaching" and – under the working title "Models of development at the modern university" - models for developing research and teaching skills at Universities of Applied Sciences. the articles mean to develop in-depth understanding of the mechanisms linking different institutions and thus providing the greatest potential for joint collaboration, but also of the differences country-specific education policies create.

About HERD

The HERD working group was launched after the U!REKA conference in Edinburgh in 2017. In April 2018 a follow-up meeting took place in Amsterdam and in November 2018, at the U!REKA conference at the Frankfurt UAS, the concrete cooperation was agreed. To move forward with their joint activities and projects the working group members hold regular meetings. Furthermore, in 2019, the HERD members Didi Griffioen (AUAS), Martha Caddell (Edinburgh Napier University) and Barbara Lämmlein (Frankfurt UAS) offered a workshop titled "Higher education research can improve your own professional practice" at the AUAS Research Day 2019.

More information on HERD is available here.