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HoGent hosts U!REKA joint Master’s meeting

3 Jun 2019 00:00 | Communication

Developing joint Master’s is one of the key aims of the U!REKA consortium. On 27-28 May a group of experts from across U!REKA who are working on developing the joint programme met in the beautiful city of Ghent. The goal of the meeting was to take the next steps in developing a Master’s on the theme of Collaborative Governance & Urban Commons.

Earlier this year, the group met in Amsterdam at the AUAS to discuss this topic. The follow-up two-day meeting in Ghent focused on the theme of co-creating the processes required to implement the joint Master’s.

Networking and discovering

The visit kicked off in the center of Ghent, right next to the cathedral, where the team visited the exhibition ‘Children and teenagers in high-rise environments’; a very good example of multidisciplinary action research in the fields of social work and architectural design. If you observe the neighbourhood through the eyes of children who are living and playing there you can create lively, inclusive and playful environments.

Following the exhibition, there were two presentations. The first one addressed the city of Ghent as a Commons, based on all kinds of co-creation initiatives and the role of the municipality in facilitating this.  The second presentation was on the Broederij (a Dutch play on words that combines a farm and brotherhood). This neighbourhood initiative is housed on a fallow piece of land, where all kinds of citizen activities take place. The initiative is not without its challenges however. Securing financing and forging contact with (municipal) professionals in the neighbourhood still proved to be a challenge five years into the initiative.

Classes on co-creation

The following day the group toured Rabot, a (former) deprived neighbourhood where city development is now booming. This will change the character and composition of this part of the city completely. The question is: will the changes be for the better or the worse? At the local restaurant Toreke the team discussed their ideas and plans for the joint programme.

The group agreed to develop a common U!REKA programme of five classes on co-creation, taught by the five U!REKA partners. The content of each class depends on the expertise of that particular university of applied sciences and the local cases available. These classes will be integrated in existing courses and programmes, either at the Bachelor’s or Master’s-level. The plan is to start next year: in Spring 2020.

The final stop during the Ghent tour was Cabane Banane, a neighbourhood centre in a former rectory. The building is open to citizens for public meetings, courses and as a neighbourhood gathering place.

The joint Master’s will be implemented at five U!REKA Universities of Applied Sciences: Metropolia (Helsinki), Napier (Edinburgh), HoGent (Gent), Frankfurt HS (Frankfurt), AUAS (Amsterdam).

This article was written by Sandra Bos, AUAS joint Master’s programme coordinator.