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HERD network intensifies its international collaboration

11 Jun 2019 00:00 | Communication

The Higher Education Research & Development (HERD) network is strengthening its ties in a number of ways. Read about the joint projects underway and visit the new website portal that aims to foster even more HERD-related collaborations across U!REKA.

The Higher Education Research & Development (HERD) network is a key U!REKA initiative focused on boosting our consortium’s R&D activities related to generic higher education practices: topics and activities that are part of our institutions beyond those specifically related to professional training and instruction.

This U!REKA network is strengthening its ties in a number of ways. The HERD coordinators meet biannually to discuss their joint projects and further the network’s collaboration. On 9-10 May, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki hosted the network meeting, which was attended by five of the U!REKA consortium partners.


Focus on innovation and collaboration

The visit kicked off with a presentation by Anna-Maria Vilkuna, Director of Research and Development, who was joined by the directors of Metropolia’s Innovation Hubs (Minna Elomaa-Krapu, Oscar Nissin, Mona Roman, and Antti Tohka) who talked about how Metropolia is innovating in higher education.

Subsequently, the coordinators discussed ways to improve international collaboration on the topic of higher education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning, and their ideas for the HERD track during the upcoming 2019 U!REKA conference. In the evening there was time for some fun with an excellent dinner at restaurant Juuri, focusing on traditional Finnish flavours.

Joint projects

The meeting also provided a prime opportunity to find common themes of Higher Education research between the universities and to work on the three U!REKA HERD joint projects currently underway:

  • Building a European university consortium: the case of the U!REKA network
  • European applied universities: comparing synergies between education and research
  • Models of development at the modern university

More information about the U!REKA HERD network is now available on the U!REKA website, which has a dedicated section to this topic. These pages aim to serve as a portal for U!REKA colleagues across the consortium, who are encouraged to get in touch with their peers in specialised HERD expertise areas to start new joint projects. Visit the site to find out more.