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Exchanging global perspectives on health

25 Feb 2019 00:00 | Communication

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and the Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) are building on the success of their shared minor programme on global health through the U!REKA consortium.

The minor, called Global Health (AUAS) or International Public Health (OsloMet), offers students the chance to gain multidisciplinary, holistic and international perspectives on health. Students can study in either Amsterdam or Oslo. Regular exchanges between the two institutions ensure that both students and staff gain first-hand experiences of the benefits of international exchange.

“Although the minor partnership actually existed prior to the establishment of U!REKA, we see that the consortium offers opportunities to strengthen ties between our institutions. This is beneficial for everyone, since it aligns us even more and helps promote international mobility for staff and students”, says Nadine Blankvoort, AUAS lecturer and researcher, Coordinator Minor Global Health and Coordinator of internationalisation for occupational therapy.

An international learning experience

Students from AUAS study at OsloMet for an entire (first) semester, while students from Oslo usually participate in the first twelve weeks of the minor programme in Amsterdam, since they have to return home in November for an internship.

The exchange programme has shared learning goals and curriculums across both institutions, which offers students a smooth exchange experience.

Lecturers from Amsterdam travel to OsloMet each autumn to assist with mid-programme evaluations.

During the last mid-term evaluation in November, staff from AUAS joined their peers in Oslo to co-evaluate the oral exams of the students following the minor in Oslo, which included eight students from the AUAS.

These oral exams are an important testing moment for both students and staff. “The tests are a great opportunity to check whether we’re still on track with our shared programme in regards to content and sector literature. Our students are very pleased with the programme and the international learning experience it offers. And so am I – I’ve come to see my OsloMet peers as colleagues,” says Blankvoort.

Nadine Blankvoort, AUAS lecturer and researcher.

Looking ahead

The visit to Oslo also provided an opportunity to evaluate the minor with staff and students, and for coordinators to discuss course content and future planning for mobility.

In March the international office programme coordinators from OsloMet will visit the AUAS international offices. The two institutions are also exploring new ways to structure the exchange visits, taking into consideration that the academic year starts a month earlier in Norway.

“We are very happy to welcome the students from AUAS every autumn for a semester in Oslo. They bring an important international perspective to the classroom, along with their other international classmates. Based on student feedback, I believe they enjoy their semester in Oslo very much. Our students going to Amsterdam also report a very good experience and learning environment,” says Hanne Liv Østtveit-Moe, International Coordinator, Faculty of Health Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University.