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A meeting of boards: OsloMet and AUAS convene

11 Feb 2019 00:00 | Communication

The AUAS recently welcomed OlsoMet’s Executive Board to Amsterdam for an intensive meeting, where the Dutch hosts shared their expertise with their Norwegian peers on a number of topics: the digitalisation of education, corporate governance and field labs.

U!REKA partners visit one another regularly, which helps to strengthen the consortium's cooperation across borders. On 7 February, the AUAS welcomed Olso Metropolitan University to Amsterdam for an intensive meeting.

Held at the Allard Pierson Museum in central Amsterdam, the gathering brought together the institution’s executive board members and other key colleagues from both organisations.

The purpose of the meeting was to share expertise, focusing on a number of key topics. Corporate governance at the AUAS was in the spotlight during a presentation by Maaike Lürsen, AUAS Executive Board Secretary. Marco van Hout (Head of Programmes & Impact at The Digital Society School) shared insights on an entirely different area of increasing importance - the digitalisation of education.


Field labs concept

The theme of ‘urban universities’ was another focal point of the morning. Amsterdam is the AUAS' 'laboratory', since urban issues in the city serve as the starting point for the bulk of the institution's research, explained Elke van der Heijden and Stan Majoor. They are contributing authors to the book Laboratorium Amsterdam, which highlights three of the AUAS' Urban Management field labs in Amsterdam, a great example of the university of applied sciences' interconnected relationship with the city. 

These ‘field labs’ are geographical areas in Amsterdam (New-West, East and South-East) where the AUAS has forged long-term agreements with stakeholders about a concrete research and innovation agenda. The labs are structured in such a way to ensure that urban issues are tackled from various angles, taking social, physical, economic and political-administrative standpoints into account.

This meeting builds on the success of the recent October exchange visit, which saw a delegation of 60 OsloMet colleagues travel to Amsterdam for a two-day programme at the AUAS.