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2 Dec 2017 12:31 | Education and Research

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Abstract and presentation

Anne-Sophie Andela

The city as a canvas: Improvement of both art and entrepreneurship education through exposure and crosspollination for innovation and social impact.

Nadine Blankvoort

Neighbours at the Gate: Exploration of Alternative Approaches to Refugee (Re)settlement and Integration in the Netherlands


Jacqueline Kenkel

Peter Dekker

Professionalisation of lectures-track: what works at your institution?


Lea den Broeder

Luuk Mandemakers

Ewoud van der Lelij

Moving up: application of nudging to promote the use of stairs instead of elevator in an Amsterdam neighbourhood


Jeroen Gradener

Elisabeth Gronning

Promoting human rights in urban areas: Key insights from student experiences in working with people in precarious circumstances  1.Abstract
Didi Griffioen

The Position of ‘Research’ in Higher Education Curricula. A Systematic Literature Review


Stan Majoor
Elke Heijden
Marie Morel

Amsterdam: an urban laboratory

Rosalie Metze
Fenna van Nes
Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans
Eileen Berkvens
Lex Veldboer

Enhancing citizens’ participation in the community to promote health and wellbeing: learning from a project on Age friendly City (AFC) with seniors as co-researchers

Stan Majoor
Robert Duiveman
Andrew Switzer  
Elke van der Heijden
Marie Morel
Linda Hooijer
Social innovation with the government: learning and power in urban living labs  1.Abstract

Nicky Nibbeling

J.van der Bie
B. Krose
M. Simons
D. Ettema
M. Deutekom

Playful data-driven active urban living (PAUL):
Increased motivation for exercise through a tailored exercise smartphone application.
Andrew Switzer
Sandra Bos

Action research in practice:

A method for Urban Sustainable Development

Marten Teitsma
Willem Brouwer   
Frank Aldershoff  
Kees Rijsenbrij 

Software for Science

 2. Presentation

Anneke Treffers


Ivan Nio

Frank Suurenbroek

The street as public domain:

Urban design of streets and the encouragement of interaction within a culture diverse community
Daniel van den Buuse
Willem van Winden

Innovating for smart cities: a firm-centric perspective on exploring and exploiting smart city technologies

Margo van Hartingsveldt
Fenna Wichers  
Albertina Poelgeest

Community-based inter-professional education of professionals in care and welfare: focus on vulnerable citizens and diversity



S. Lourdes
M. Alwis
A. Kerrouche
Optical Fibre Sensors technology towards smart cities concept  1Abstract

Elaine Carnegie

Greig Ingles

Just and Sustainable Places: Extending the Boundaries of Socio-environmental Health


 2. Presentation

John Cowan

Developing the strategy for education
Need for radical changes
Brian Davison

The potential of sensor networks for understanding domestic energy use

Mark Deakin
Alasdair Reid
Joel Orsinger  
Tosin Oya

Smart Cities: Under-Gridding the Sustainability of City-Districts as Energy Efficient-Low Carbon Zones



Alison Dixon

Wattala Fernando

Investigation and Critical Evaluation of Sustainable Waste Management Practices at Abertay University, Dundee

 1. Abstract

 2. Presentation

Rory C. Doak

Urban Sustainable Development in School Communities: Use of Bamboo and Sisal in Malawian School Construction

 1. Abstract


Birgit Heckemann,
Marie-Louise Luiking
Parveen Ali
Connie Dekker
Sumana Ghosh
Angela Kydd
Roger Watson
Harshida Patel

Migrants Access and Encounters of Healthcare in a Host Country


Richard G Kyle
Louise Hoyle
Catherine Mahoney
Iain M Atherton

Nurses'Lives: Building evidence to improve the health of scotland cities

 1 Abstract


Gerri Matthews-Smith

Janyne Afseth  

Developing future Leaders in Health and Social Care Management for a Multicultural Europe: The value of Joint European Masters modules in Health and Social Care Management
Luca Mora
Mark Deakin
Alasdair Reid

Smart City Development Paths: Insights from the First Two Decades of Research

Clare Frances Moran

International law and the refugee crisis: legal duties , moral outcry

Tariq Muneer

Engineering Applications of Solar Energy - The Most Potent Renewable Resource

Alasdair Reid

Reworking Sustainable Community Development: Making the Case for Socially-Inclusive Visioning



Sean Smith

John B Wood

A longitudinal study of sound insulation for urban developments supporting quality of life and sustainable communities

Jon Stinson

John Currie

Energy Efficient Behaviour Score for the Personal Energy Trainer



Neil Urquhart
Grant Smith
Simon Powers

Simulating Commuters: What can we learn from simulating commuters  1.Abstract
Virginia Kramer
Suman Pradhan
K. Schmidt
R Mishra

Design and development of a novel control regime for microgenerating wind turbines


2. Presentation

Petra K. Schäfer

Dominic Hofmann

Infrastructure - design - society  1.Abstract
Kai-Oliver Schocke,
Petra K. Schäfer
Silke Höhl
Antje Quitta
Antje Kämmer
Jesse Brandt
Senja Blume

Urban delivery concepts of CEP-companies


Viggo Nordvik

Gustavo Toshiaki Lopes

Towards a Research and Education Strategy



Kjell Sverre Pettersen
Aud Marit Eriksen
Liv Elin Torheim
Laura Terragni

The Healthy Start nutrition education material

Facilitating the transition into a new food environment for newly resettled immigrants and refugees


Mieke Paelinck
Bart D’Herde
Koen Van Damme

Life Cycle Costs of residential real estate as an economic success factor


2. Presentation

Hanna Aerts  
Liesbeth Van Heck

Prevalence of Obesity and Being Overweight Among Belgian Nurses


2. Presentation

Hari Sacré
Luc de Droogh
Ann De Wilde
Sven De Visscher

Exploring Storytelling as a Social Work Intervention in Processes of Urbanisation

 1 Abstract

2. Presentation

Marika Antikainen
Tiina Piipponen
Enhancin Intercultural Learning   through Study Abroad



Harri Hahkala

New Metropolia Intellicent Exploratory Campus


Jaana Holvikivi
Maija Nuorteva  
Leenu Juurola
Public and private actors in educational games development: Modes of collaboration  1.Abstract
Marjatta Kelo Higher education at university of applied sciences: competencies needed in futute
Kaj Lindedahl
Riitta Lehtinen
Jari Olli 
Urban well-being supported by GIS and IOT mapping/modelling of sustainable small water streams in build environment. Example Helsinki.
Arja Liinamo
Kaija Matinheikki-Kokko
The demands for future competencies to promote health and wellbeing anticipated by professionals in Finland and Estonia



Eija Raatikainen
LeighAnne Rauhala  
Seija Mäenpää
Qualified Empathy - a key element for an empowerment professional  1.Abstract
Heidi Stenberg SIMHE (Supporting Immigrants in Higher education in Finland)- Metropolia´s role as a recogniser of competences



Erja Turunen

Substainable Education: The Impact of Professional Master’s Programmes in Continuous Learning and Development in Work Organisations  1.Abstract