Urban Commons student expo


Students involved in U!REKA's international network on Urban Commons will present their artictic-ethnographic and documentary research on urban commons initiatives, as well as project proposals to enhance urban co-creation and commoning.

This year's annual exhibition will take place in Frankfurt from 30.11.to 12.12.2023 at the 'Forum Deutscher Werkbund Hessen'.

Official opening: Thursday 30 November at 18:00

Regular opening hours: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 15:30 – 20:00

Closing event: 12 December at 16:00

Address: Weckmarkt 5, 60311 Frankfurt

During the annual U!R Commons Exhibition students of the international network U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Gent, Helsinki, and Ostrava present their artistic-ethnographic and documentary research on urban commons initiatives in the different cities and promote urban co-creation and commoning. In addition, the results of this year’s international network exchange meetings in Ostrava and in Frankfurt will be presented, where students and teachers from the universities came together to work on local urban planning and social issues.

The U!REKA Lab: Urban Commons is an initiative of the partner universities of the U!REKA Higher Education Alliance. At the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) the teachers and curators of the exhibition are Angelika Plümmer, Petra Schwerdtner (department of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics) and Raul Gschrey, Jutta Stocksiefen and Katharina Stephan (department of Social Work and Health).

Published by  Communication 13 November 2023


Start date 30 Nov
End date 12 Dec