Unique Summit at VSB-TUO in Ostrava


U!REKA partner VSB-TUO is participating in the Unique Summit 2023, an international event that brings together startups, investors, policymakers and higher education institutions to envision a better future.

VSB-TUO campus in Ostrava, the Czech Republic.

VSB-TUO tour

The event includes a tour of VSB-TUO's supercomputer and Industry 4.0 laboratory which are part of the university's faculty of mechanical engineering. VSB-TUO has two supercomputers and is working on creating a quantum supercomputer. This on-campus tour will be organised on 22 November, on Day 1 of the event.

The rest of the event is organised primarily at Ostrava University's City Campus, which is a close partner of VSB-TUO.

Colleagues from across VSB-TUO will participate in the event exhibition and various workshops. This annual event attracts knowledge institutions and start-ups from around the world, as well as municipalities, universities and companies.

Representatives from the U!REKA network are warmly invited to attend!

About the Unique Summit

The event website says: The goal of the Unique Summit is to create an unparalleled platform where the worlds of startups, investors, and policymakers converge to catalyze innovation, drive economic growth, and shape the future.

This is a lively gathering that brings together people from all over the world, encouraging teamwork and cooperation among a variety of individuals and organizations. The Unique Summit is not just an event; it's a transformative experience that sparks fresh ideas, sparks partnerships, and empowers participants to take an active role in shaping the trajectory of innovation and entrepreneurship.

It's about celebrating the uniqueness of each city while collectively contributing to a global movement of progress and change.

Promotional video about the Unique Summit 2023. 

Published by  Communication 18 October 2023


Start date 22 Nov
End date 24 Nov