HOGENT Summer School

“Improving the Quality of Life through the Quality of Care” in Uganda


HOGENT in Collaboration with Mountains of the Moon University and the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is proud to present its 2023 Summer School: “Improving the Quality of Life through the Quality of Care” in Uganda. Students across the U!REKA network are invited to apply for the programme.

Summer school banner

The Summer School consists of a 2-week interdisciplinary program with lectures, visits and group activities designed to give students opportunities to learn how Quality of Care can improve the Quality of Life of specific target groups in socially vulnerable situation.

The Summer School targets bachelor students who have acquired at least 60% of their study programme credits. It aims to foster interdisciplinary and intercultural learning for students within the broad study fields of health promotion as Nursing, Education, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Dietetics & Nutrition, Laboratory Technics, Occupational Therapy, Special Needs Education, Psychology.

Besides theoretic lectures in various fields, the Summer School provides visits to local organisations and support providers as well a cultural programme full of recreational trips and evenings.

Mountains of the Moon University Campus 19th August till 1st September 2023
(recreational activities in the weekend included)

Apply by 1 May 2023 by sending a motivational letter to marco.lombardi@hogent.be

Published by  Communication 24 May 2023


Start date 19 Aug
End date 01 Sep