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Discover the research expertise at U!REKA partner institutions.

University College Ghent is active in applied research and artistic research.

Read more : https://www.hogent.be/en/external-partners/research/


Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) is a recognised environment for professionally oriented and vocationally relevant research and development.  Its research activities aim to utilise the different possibilities created by international and multicultural metropolitan regions. 

Read more : http://www.hioa.no/eng/Research-and-Development

Research, development and innovation are part of the basic mission of the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. It focuses on development and innovation activities, as well as supporting research, for the benefit of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Its strengths are high-quality expertise in different fields, the implementation of ideas into practice and the fine-tuning of solutions so that they meet customer needs. These strengths are served by the multidisciplinary nature of its operations, the abundance of competent people at the UAS and its open international cooperation network.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences creates, enriches and develops new solutions in cooperation with businesses, the public sector, organisations and local residents.

Read more: http://www.metropolia.fi/en/research-and-development/

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is very much the university of its city and region. Innovation, integration and co-creation with stakeholders are what make the Rhein-Main region and especially the city of Frankfurt exemplary in their dynamism and successful evolution as an European business hub.

Research at our institution is determined by a wide diversity of subjects that have, however, a strong uniting theme: being useful to our stakeholders and society. Interdisciplinary and a clear focus on delivering results characterise our main research topics: Demographic Change and Diversity, Mobility and Logistics, Renewable Energies, Networks and Distributed Systems. We actively contribute to technical and social innovation – in our region, in Europe and globally.

We cooperate with external partners from different sectors to approach the complex technical, economic and social challenges of our urban eco-system together. Our institution is a reliable partner for cooperation with the private sector, with nonprofit organisations and public institutions.

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences receives substantial funding from regional, national and European research programmes, making it a major scientific institution in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan area and beyond.

For further information and contact please refer to the website of our Department for Research Innovation and Transfer: https://www.frankfurt-university.de/en/research/

Research at Edinburgh Napier is directly relevant to industry and social issues.

Read more: http://www.napier.ac.uk/research-and-innovation

The AUAS works closely with other educational and research institutions in the region and also with the business community. Its research is practice-oriented and connects to real challenges in the professional field. Professors, lecturers and students are all involved in research, and research contributes heavily to the AUAS' educational programmes. Its priority research areas are cross-faculty and multidisciplinary, addressing societal challenges in an urban and metropolitan setting. Research is at the heart of each priority area, yet strives for integrating these outcomes with education and teaching.

The AUAS distinguishes five priority areas:

  • Amsterdam Creative Industries
  • Urban Education
  • Urban Management
  • Urban Technology 
  • Urban Vitality

The AUAS also focuses on another institutional theme, Entrepreneurship.

Read more: https://www.amsterdamuas.com/research/research-and-cooperation/centres-for-applied-research/centres-for-applied-research.html

Published by  Education and Research 18 April 2019