HERD Expertise

Within the U!REKA network there is a wealth of expertise to share when it comes to Higher Education Research & Development (HERD) themes. Joint projects are currently underway at three of our consortium partner institutions and new joint projects are always welcome. View the themes below and start collaborating with your U!REKA peers!

Current Projects

Do you have an idea to share that aligns with one of the existing HERD projects? Send a message to the project coordinator to find out how you can get involved.


Curious about the scope of our HERD expertise within U!REKA? This overview specifies our HERD sub-themes and knowledge areas. Do you see a topic that interests you? Click on the institution's name to get in touch and share your ideas!

Share your idea

See a topic you'd like to collaborate on?

Click on the link after each topic to get in touch with the relevant HERD coordinator. They will connect you with a potential research partner at their local U!REKA institution.

Please note that you will be responsible for conducting the research yourself.

Published by  Communication 16 November 2021