Digital Transformation

The U!REKA Digital Transformation Working Group focuses on exploring how the consortium can create new joint forms of online or hybrid education.

Colleagues across U!REKA are collaborating in a new working group on digital transformation. The aim is to learn from each other and to find common ground. The group is currently working on:

  • Evaluating good and bad practices: what has worked and what has not in the area of digital transformation?
  • Sharing best practices on e-learning environments and teaching-learning projects, with a particular focus on optimising the well being and social interaction of our staff and students.
  • Sharing digital transformation resources and making this content available to all our students, e.g. via a website for online courses.


Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Kimmo Leiviskä (Chair), Hannu Turunen
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Ivo van der Werk
Edinburgh Napier University

Stephen Bruce
Louise Drumm

Politécnico de Lisboa Renato Abreau

HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Francis Vlieghe
VSB - Technical University of Ostrava Jakub Nemec
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences vacancy
Published by  Communication 9 November 2022