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University College Ghent – www.hogent.be/en

University College Ghent (hereinafter HoGent), located in Ghent, the largest student town (72,500 students) and cultural and economic hub of Europe, consists of three faculties and one School of Arts, more than 14,000 students and ca. 1800 staff members

University College Ghent offers ambitious opportunities for students, staff members and external partners. As a socially committed organisation, we pursue the highest standards in the field of education and research. Through constant interaction we want to attract both professional and academic partners, in Flanders and the rest of the world.

The strategic plan of University College Ghent defines its main tasks – education, research, services & development of the arts - in an international perspective. The education at HoGent is characterised by:

  • student-centered education: HoGent provides all the guidance students need throughout their academic career
  • authenticity: HoGent offers practice oriented education; students are managers of their own learning path  
  • research attitudes: our graduates have strong research attitudes and information skills. University College Ghent is a major player in the field of practice-oriented scientific research and artistic research, which has regional and increasingly international roots.
  • internationalisation: main focus of all activities within internationalisation is offering our students the right context for developing international and intercultural competencies. All other internationalisation activities are related to this focus: developing partnership agreement, staff and teaching staff mobilities, participation or co-ordination of European projects.
  • entrepreneurship: students have the essential entrepreneurial spirit to make it in tomorrow’s society. As a socially engaged institute, we want to train entrepreneurial individuals in the broadest sense. To reach that goal, we have a professional team with extensive expertise.

We therefore opt for cooperation and networking with European & international partners in order to participate in the ongoing international evolutions and actions within a multicultural context.

The main focus for cooperation is still oriented towards European countries. The already existing cooperation with partners outside the (European) higher education area will be further developed into a transparent and structured system in order to guarantee an efficient & effective use of these contacts. Teaching staff mobility and the professionalisation  of our administrative staff responsible for international and European cooperation is another particular point of interest. By sending out our teaching staff and by inviting European teachers and experts from our partner institutions, universities and organisations to HoGent, we create opportunities for further cooperation and development.

HoGent focuses on applied research. Our activities contribute to an up-to-date academic profile and curriculum, while at the same time establishing close links with industries, official bodies, other higher education institutions and other partners – at home and abroad.

Our realisations are the best proof that we are not an average university college. At University College Ghent, you don’t just choose a school. First and foremost, you choose a vision for the future.

Arrival guide for international students: https://www.hogent.be/en/arrival-guide/  (hier komt nog de meest recente versie)

Programmes: https://www.hogent.be/en/future-student/programmes/

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Published by  Education and Research 24 November 2016